• The Oaxaca Project

    On a recent trip to Mexico, Oaxaca in Particular , I was overwhelmed with the abundance of beautiful and intricate

    crafts, but particularly jewelry and weavings!  The colors the craftsmanship , the intricacies of the work. I was amazed everywhere I looked. When I was in a market though I found 

    some pieces that I really liked but also felt  that they had a similar  feel to my work. I. started to think about the possibility of a colaboration between us , or making a hybrid

    of our work and creating a new product.

    I am happily playing with that idea and I like the results!

    My thoughts are that maybe through this collaboration,  there wil be the demand for more, maybe the demand will be enough to help one family. Maybe more,  I don't know.

    My goal is that there would be enough demand that I could 

    not only supply the artists with orders, but that I can increases what they make for each piece substantially .

    this is just an idea formulating in my head now but everything starts with a thought! Thanks for reading about this and I hope to have the pieces for sale this Spring 2019!!